Debt Recovery

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organisation. It can mean the difference between success and failure, especially in small business and understanding your collection cycle can be a key factor in keeping your business viable.

Our professional team can provide expert advice to you from signing up new customers, as well as reviewing and drafting terms and conditions at the beginning of the credit cycle to minimise collection requirements to conducting debt recovery action should these precautions fail.

We have extensive experience in volume debt recovery, as well as more complex matters, across both the consumer and commercial space and can advise you on the practical and sensible solutions for recovery from your recalcitrant debtors.

We act on behalf of clients of all sizes and for all industries, in particular local government, telecommunications, banking and finance, utilities, large corporate and SMEs.

At Commercial Litigation & Insolvency Lawyers, we believe in working with our clients work to achieve the best commercial outcome in all matters. Whether you have a single matter, or a ledger of debt to collect, our debt recovery experts can help you find a solution that suits your needs.

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